you're the straw to my berry
and you're the one i want to marry
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As the World Falls Down

Rachel felt like she was on cloud nine. She felt like she finally had everything going for her. Her work was decent and there was even talks of a possible new role coming up that she might be excellent for. And, of course, her relationship with Quinn was turning out amazingly. She didn’t think what exchanging the sentiment ‘I love you’ could do for a relationship, but it really helped theirs. She felt closer to the blonde emotionally and liked being able to end text messages and phone calls with that little sentiment. Now, a few days past her birthday, she walked into her apartment, ready to call up Quinn to see if she wanted to go out tonight. She toed off her shoes as she fingered the star necklace she was gifted, walking into her bedroom and seeing the most beautiful dress she had ever seen laid on it.

Confused, she looked around the room before advancing, picking up the note that had Quinn’s handwriting on it. It said: “Be dressed by 7:00 and someone will be here to take you somewhere special. Can’t wait to see you. -Q" Rachel’s hands traced the material and wondered where exactly she needed to go that needed something this extravagant. Figuring she’d only find out if she followed instructions, she checked her watch, seeing she had a little less than two hours. She quickly shed her clothes as she hopped into the shower, making sure she pulled all the stops with her hair, makeup and making sure the dress fell perfectly against her body.

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    "Which is why we’ll do it in moderation," she told her. "Every now and then when we’re feeling adventurous, or just too...
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    Quinn smiled as Rachel told her she loved her. She let out a low noise as Rachel started to play with her hair,...